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Calcium Chloride, when added to the roadway or sub grade stabilizes the soil by attracting moisture out of the air to keep the surface and sub layers moist. It forms a thin liquid coating on each dust particle and aggregate. This allows the dust particles to remain in place. The particles are then left to perform the job of binding the surface together. The bonding action provided produces a firm, compact surface. Calcium Chloride also adds a density to stabilized surfaces.

Calcium Chloride was the preferred chloride for many years until the pricing and availability became prohibitive. It is a pure product that is less corrosive and damaging than other chlorides. This product is clear in color and is supplied for dust control at 38% solids. The heavy application rate is 0.38 gsy and the light application is 0.25 gsy (Equal to 0.50 and 0.30 gsy. of 32% magnesium chloride).

This product is environmentally friendly and is not as slick when the road is wet. It also potholes less than magnesium chloride. For  dust control the surface needs to be pre-watered for the product to penetrate. It will only penetrate as deep as there is moisture. It draws moisture to the surface creating a dust free environment.